Chitwan tightens lockdown, hundreds stranded at Mauwakhola

DHADING: More than hundred people headed to various districts have been stranded at Mauwakhola in Dhading after Chitwan's local administration stopped them from entering the district amid government-imposed nationwide lockdown.

As the mass started to swell at Mauwakhola, the bordering area between the two districts, Dhading locals protested and even obstructed the movement of essential carriers fearing the spread of COVID-19.

Locals were furious after Chitwan District Administration did not agree to give passage to the stranded pedestrians even after high-level authorities from both the districts held a dialogue.

One of the stranded pedestrians said, "We are also Nepalis and we urge the authorities and the locals to show some humanity."

Meanwhile, the stranded persons are taking refuge on the bridge after locals from both the districts denied them entry.

Issuing a notice on Wednesday, Dhading DAO said, pass was mandatory for both vehicles and pedestrians to travel in the district.