Chulachuli folk light village

Chulachuli, June 28:

Locals of Chulachuli in Ilam are delighted for finally being able to get power supply in their village by managing funds on their own after gnashing their teeth in vain for years.

“Nobody listened to us though we repeatedly urged political leaders to meet our demands. But when we said that we would provide the fund from our own pockets, everyone was game,” a Chulachuli local, Khadga Bahadur Basnet, said. “Though the wires and meter boxes were stolen from the roadside, we did not lose hope and eventually fulfilled our desire to have electricity in our homes,” Basnet said.

Though locals of Damak municipality in neighbouring Jhapa have been enjoying the facility of electricity for the last 17 years, people at Chulachuli got this facility only yesterday.