Chure forest fire unabated in Kanchanpur for three days

KANCHANPUR: A massive fire that started three days ago in the Chure region of Kanchanpur district continues to take the toll on the area.

The forest fire has spread from Belgada to Lakhane, spanning three kilometres, and reduced timbers and trees to cinder, according to the Baijanath Community Forest's Chairperson Bahadur Singh Mahara.

The forest fire was doused in certain areas with the efforts of caretakers at community forest. But powerful winds have prevented the efforts to contain it, according to Mahara.

He further added that stones falling from sloped face of Chure has affected the firefighting.

According to the Salleri Community Forest Chair Mohan Aiyer, wild animals are beginning to enter the human settlement following the fire, bringing about the risk to both humans and themselves, with the strong probability of an increase in poaching activities.

The team from the forest office have yet to reach the area