Kathmandu, February 4 The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority today demanded more authority to effectively curb corruption in the country but the major parties claim that clipping CIAA’s authority was a conscious decision. While presenting the CIAA’s 25th Annual Report to President Bidhya Bhandari today, CIAA Chief Commissioner Lokman Singh Karki requested the President to take the initiative to empower the CIAA through constitutional amendment. Karki said diminished authority of CIAA in the new constitution could affect its efficiency in curbing corruption. He said the practice of presenting administrative decisions as policy decisions in the Cabinet meeting should end. Commenting on Karki’s demand, CPN-UML’s spokesperson Pradip Gyawali said the parties scaled down CIAA authority so that it could focus only on controlling corruption. Gyawali, who is UML secretary, said the CIAA had lost many cases in courts and needed to make its investigation more effective. Gyawali claimed CIAA had been politically biased in the past and instead of demanding more teeth it should focus on maintaining neutrality and fairness in all its activities. Leaders of the Nepali Congress, however, refused to comment on Karki’s demand but they also claimed that it was not appropriate for the CIAA to demand more authority, as it was for the Parliament to decide. The NC leaders said the provision of the new constitution regarding the jurisdiction of CIAA was taken following a long discussion and if that needed to be revised discussion should be held among the parties and members of the Parliament. “Constitutional amendment is not possible if an individual demands so,” a senior NC leader said. However, Co-chairperson of Sadbhawana Party Laxman Lal Karna said the CIAA should have the authority as per the Interim Constitution to ensure good governance and corruption-free society.

  Claims success rate of 82 pc KATHMANDU: According to the 25th annual report of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, 82 per cent of the 108 cases it filed at the Special Court were decided in its favour. Of the total 31,213 complaints registered at the CIAA last fiscal, 21,648 were settled, adds the report.
  What does it want? KATHMANDU: Besides CIAA, National Vigilance Centre, Money Laundering Investigation Department, Central Investigation Bureau and Department of Revenue Investigation have been investigating corruption related offences. Due to the presence of multiple agencies for similar tasks, duplication arises in CIAA’s work. According to the 25th annual report of CIAA, Department of Anti-Money Laundering Investigation, which is under Ministry of Finance, should be brought under CIAA by revising legal frameworks. Besides, appropriate policy needs to be made to improve professional capacities of National Vigilance Centre, Central Investigation Bureau and Department of Revenue Investigation, adds the report.