Citizens march for peace, democracy

Pokhara, August 5:

Chairman of the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), Subodh Raj Pyakurel, said nobody but the political parties can guarantee peoples’ basic rights. Pyakurel was speaking at a Public March Programme organised by the Civil Society Network for Peace, Kaski, today for restoring

peace, freedom and human rights. Pyakurel added: “Political parties represent 96 per cent of the total population of the country by reaching nearly each and every household.” Pyakurel said people are in a state of confusion after the February 1 royal take over, after the King has worked against the constitution and appointed incompetent people ministers. He added:

“People’s views must be heard by those in the government. Hence, civil society must voice the peoples’ agenda.” The march, which commenced from Srijana Chowk at 8 am ended as a corner meeting at Chipledhunga after passing through Prithvi Chowk, Naya Bazaar and Mahendrapul.

Around 24 organisations of the civil society participated in the march programme. Placards carried by participants bore slogans like “Stop Violence, Restore human rights and democracy; let’s construct a fearless society, restore peace.” Addressing the meeting, the working chairman of Human Rights Organisation, Charan Kumar Prasai, accused Royal Commission for Corruption Control of wrongfully harassing political leaders. He encouraged people to galvanise for restoration of peace, democracy and their rights. Veteran human right activist, Tek Nath Baral, said: “As the political parties never gave importance to the people of Rukum and Rolpa, Maoists took advantage of these people and included them in their movement which has now resulted in trouble for the whole country.” The central vice-chairman of Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Gangadhar Parajuli, said press freedom had been violated after February 1 and that journalists have initiated a movement for press freedom. Parajuli said: “The government has recently threatened to cancel the license of Nepal FM for broadcasting news, this kind of activity restricts press freedom and people’s right to information.”