Civil servants to leave for districts with 2 lakh copies


The Civil Relations and Constitution Suggestions Committee of the Constituent Assembly on Friday said civil servants would be sent to all the districts and constituencies from tomorrow along with around two lakh copies of draft constitution to collect suggestions from the public.

The committee has formed different sub-committees to support its tasks of collecting suggestions, besides taking the support of the media.

At a press conference on Friday, Coordinator of the Publicity Sub-Committee Umesh Yadav said civil servants, who would be dispatched to the districts, would be trained about their tasks to be performed.

The coordinator of the sub-committee formed to collect suggestions from the Nepalis living abroad, Rajiv Bikram Shah, said at least three million Nepali people are living abroad and the sub-committee has already directed the embassies to hold workshops to collect suggestions. “We have directed the embassies through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to exclude any individual or organisation of Nepali people,” he said, adding that they could use any medium to provide their suggestions as per their convenience.

Yadav said two CA members would reach each constituency to collect suggestions, except the prime minister, CA chairman and deputy chairperson.

All the CA members would leave the Kathmandu Valley for their respective destinations as soon as the Parliament endorses the budget for the fiscal 2015-16.

“Since the CA has provided limited time for CA members to collect suggestions, government would provide necessary transportation facilities, including helicopters,” Yadav said.

He, however, refuted media reports that CA members could face security threat.