Civil servants warn of protests

Kathmandu, July 27:

Government employees today warned the government that they will come up with “unexpected” and “stunning” protest programmes if their demands are not met by July 31.

“We have urged the government to meet our demands by July 31. If our demands go unheard, we will come up with unexpected and stunning protest programmes after July 31,” said Ganesh Basyal, chairman of the Nepal Civil Employee Organisation.

Representatives of the three agitating organisations today met whips of all the parliamentary committees of the political parties and briefed the latter about their demands.

The government employees have been protesting to have trade union rights up to the level of under-secretary, automatic promotion after 10 years of service and re-scaling of their salaries, among others.

The unions have disagreed with the government’s decision to raise their salaries, saying that the provisions in the increments have raised disparity between the high-class staff and low-class staff.