CJ fiat to chief judges on reforms

KATHMANDU: As a part of bringing about reforms in judiciary, Chief Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi today directed chief judges of all 16 appellate courts in the country to bring reforms in the appellate and sub ordinate courts.

The CJ directed them to decide the cases involving persons over the age of 75 within six months.

Issuing a 19-point reform programme for the appellate courts, the Chief Justice directed the Chief Judges to win the hearts of the people as per the changed context.

Exercising the authority as per Article 112 of the Interim Constitution, the Chief Justice called the lower courts to effectively work to provide justice to the common people.

Rayamajhi told the lower courts judges to control hostile witnesses who have been turning the judiciary as the place to record faulty statements. He directed the lower court judges to implement Section 169 of the Court Procedure Chapter of the Muluki Ain, 1963, while delivering justice.

"We have to work as per the aspiration of the people and the challenges of the 21st century," the CJ said, adding, "We have to be more accountable, transparent, disciplined and dutiful."

The CJ also directed the chief judges to forward complaints against any judge, who is found involved in breaching the recently issued code of conduct for judges, to the complaints hearing committee, headed by Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha. He also directed the chief judges to decide two-year-old cases before October at any cost.

Rayamajhi also directed the judges to coordinate with concerned units of the Nepal Bar Association for constructive reforms. He also directed the chief judges to set up mechanism to hear complaints in their respective courts.

The CJ also directed the chief judges to monitor the lower court under them once a year and report to the apex court. Respecting people's right to information, the CJ also directed the chief judges to appoint information officers to provide necessary information to the people.