CJ warns Valley district court judges

KATHMANDU: Chief Justice (CJ) Min Bahadur Rayamajhi today urged the judges of various courts in the Kathmandu Valley to maintain judicial integrity. He warned that a failure to adhere to the strictures could lead to punitive measures.

The warning is a part of the judicial reforms initiated by the CJ, who assumed office recently. He directed the judges to be extremely cautious while delivering their verdict.

“If I find irregularities, then I shall be compelled take action. Nobody will be spared,” Hemanta Rawal, assistant spokesperson, Supreme Court, quoted Rayamajhi as saying.

He convened the judges of the district courts in Kathmandu and Lalitpur in his chamber today to issue the directives. While Bhaktapur district court judges were called last Friday. The administrative chiefs and heads of the verdict implementation sections of these three courts also took part in the meeting.

According to the CJ, the district courts in the Kathmandu Valley are model courts. Hence, they ought to meet the popular expectations while meting out justice on time. “He told the judges to uphold the independence of judiciary and also put wisdom to good use while discharging their duties and responsibilities,” added Rawal.

Rayamajhi ordered the judges to report to him in person if they came across corruption and irregularities in the judiciary.

He also directed them to expedite the adjudication process. The list of pending cases has been growing by the day. The CJ urged the judges to take action against hostile witnesses, who often prove to be the stumbling blocks in quick dispensation of justice.