Clarion call to stop animal sacrifice

Kathmandu, September 23 :

Even as the festival of Dashain, which, among others, heralds time when people feast on a wide variety of meat products, is approaching fast, organisations dedicated to spiritual uplift of the society have issued a shrill call against animal sacrifice in all its form.

The campaign against any form of animal sacrifice grew louder today, with the day when a large number of buffaloes, goats and chickens likely to take their last lap on upcoming Saturday when the nation will be observing Mahastami.

Mahastami is the eighth day of the festival when all those who have promised to sacrifice animals of their choice will be doing so at the temples of Goddess Durga to venerate them. Time-honoured tradition of slaughtering the animals to venerate goddess goes back to centuries.

“It is time we stopped this sacrifice. If we can cut the royal prerogatives at the end of a revolution, why can’t we do away with this evil practice of slaughtering unsuspecting animals,” said Jaya Prakash, who is associated with the Nepal Anubrata Samiti (NAS), an organisation devoted to spiritual awakening.

He was of the view that animal sacrifice was being encouraged by the state since fund for procuring over 150 buffaloes at a temple in Kathmandu comes from state exchequer.

“Time has come for us to organise street protests much like those who are pressing their respective demands,” Jaya Prakash further said while speaking at the Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Niketan in the capital. “It’s a stigma on Hinduism that we have people who do not mind taking lives just for fun and taste.”

Swami Satyabrata, who is among those who are spearheading a vegetarian and spiritual movement, said the reasons why people are not falling back from killing animals were they do not see any line between what is wrong and what is right.

“Just as there is no place of hatred in love, there is no place for violence in peace.” There is a need to commence a journey from self to self before anyone can be expected to love others, including animals,” Satyabrata said, adding that people tend to remember enemies rather than remember god all the time.

Instead of butchering animals there is a need to butcher avarice, jealousy, hatred and enmity, he said. Samani Bikaspragya, who is a disciple of Mahapragya, spoke on values of non-violence and underlined the need to refrain from killing animals at will.