Climate Smart Village project comes into operation in Dhankuta

Dhankuta, October 2

Climate Smart Village project is being operated at Dhankuta Municipality in Dhankuta from this week.

The project aims to raise awareness among locals regarding improvement of their economic status and promotion of sanitation in wards 1, 2, 3 and 10 of the municipality.

Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development Programme Nepal, Dhankuta, has been operating the project for the past one week.

Programme chief Min Subedi at PARDP Nepal, Dhankuta, said the programme was being operated with the joint financial partnership of UNDP and Dhankuta Municipality.

He said UNDP would spend Rs 1.1 million and the municipality would spend Rs 1.3 million for the project. As many as 500 households of four wards in the municipal areas will be included in the project. Irrigation facility for agriculture, plastic pond, house, tunnel for seasonal and unseasonal vegetable farming and huts for cattle farming will be constructed under the programme.

Training for the preparation of pesticides from herbs and fertilisers will also be organised for the production of organic vegetables and fruit farming.

Mayor Chintan Rai of the municipality said the project was operated in a bid to promote professional agriculture system and environmental cleanliness.