CM Rai says media is pulling him into unwanted controversy

PHIDIM: Chief Minister of Province 1 Sherdhan Rai has asserted that news floating in the media that involved him in the subject of transferring the province capital from Biratnagar to Itahari were baseless and fabricated.

CM Rai, who arrived in Phidim, the district headquarters of Panchthar today, while interacting with mediapersons said that some media were trying to pull him into unwanted controversy regarding the matter.

He further said that during a time when he was making efforts to finalise the name and capital of the province in consultation with all political parties and stakeholders, he was brought in the midst of unnecessary controversy with the circulation of news that he had visited various government offices in Itahari with local CIAA authorities to carry out secret monitoring.

During the interaction, on a different note, CM Rai also opined that the central government must provide sufficient budget and programmes to all the seven provinces of the country for their development and prosperity.

He said, if the rights of provincial governments were to be affected by centralised mentality, then the entire federal system would be compromised.