CMC students demand refund of extra fee

Chitwan, November 23

Students at Chitwan Medical College have renewed their call for refunding the extra fee charged by the college from them.

Speaking at an interaction organised by Adab Media Network in Bharatpur today, Medical Education Struggle Committee Coordinator Prakash Chand accused the college of fleecing up to Rs 560 million from students in the past four years.

“Announcement by the college that it would adjust the extra amount charged is welcome, but as far as students who have yet to finish their studies and have already made full payments are concerned; the college can’t, be exempted from refunding the extra amount to them,” said Chand.

As per an estimate, the college will have to refund some 340 million rupees charged in excess of what the government has authorised.

Though the government had fixed the fees of medical education in 2011, it was only enforced four years later, in the midst of agitation by Dr Govind KC.

Students here have been organising phase-wise agitation  at the college ever since the third week of August, calling the college to return the extra amount charged.