Cold wave affects life in Nawalparasi

NAWALPARASI: The increasing cold has affected the normal life of the people in the western part of Nawalparasi district for the past few days.

The cold wave accompanying the fog has further exacerbated the cold condition in the district.

The impoverished section of society and low-income working class people have been affected the most by the cold wave as they are compelled to burn campfire to ward off the biting cold. Farmers have not been able to work their fields due to the cold, according to a local Chhote Khan.

The older people and children are the most vulnerable to the cold, increasing the number of patients visiting the local health facilities with cold related ailments, informed Medical Officer Niraj Rauniyar, at the Martyr Memorial Community Hospital, Chupata.

The attendance of children in schools in the area has also decreased with the increasing cold with the doctors suggesting them to rest at home, added Rauniyar.

Similarly, the cold has affected the local vegetable cultivation, grieved the local farmer Gobardhan Kurmi. He adds that the potato and tomato they have grown has suffered from blight.