Combat dress banned for civilians

Kavre, October 4

District Administration Office, Kavre, has banned the use of combat dress for civilians. The office has also directed chief administration officers at local bodies to strictly implement the ban.

The DAO said it had to ban combat dress for civilians as the dress was emerging as fashion. “As combat dress was misused by civilians, you should strictly implement the ban,” Chief District Officer Shrawan Timalsina said at a meeting of chief administrative officers.

“If you find anyone donned in combat dress, make him/her to change the dress or inform the police,” he said.

The DAO informed that it had to ban the use of combat dress by civilians following the circular of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The supplier of the dress has been asked to take back the materials from cloth shops in the district. After Nepali Army wrote to the Home Ministry regarding the misuse of combat dress by commoners, private security companies and persons involved in criminal activities, the latter issued circulars to all district administration offices to ban the use of such dress.