Comment on Yadav’s resignation can wait: PM

Biratnagar, August 3:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today said he will comment on the resignation tendered

by Maoist minister Matrika Prasad Yadav only after the Maoists make their stance on the issue clear.

Koirala arrived in his hometown of Biratnagar today on a short vacation.

Responding to journalists’ queries on the assault on the chief district officer (CDO) of Dolakha by cadres of the pro-Maoist Young Communist League, Koirala said action will be taken for and against the quarters concerned when the time comes.

Steps are being taken to put an end to criminal activities in the Tarai region, Koirala said.

Koirala also reiterated his commitment to maintaining the eight-part unity and holding the constituent assembly (CA) polls on time.

“The eight-party unity will continue even after the constituent assembly polls,” Koirala said.

After the CA polls, Nepal will be a haven of unity, peace and sovereignty, Koirala said, adding that he wanted the eight parties to maintain their unity.

Koirala is scheduled to return to the capital tomorrow after meeting heads of security wings of the eastern region.