CPC for bigger NCP role in South Asia movement

Kathmandu, May 31

The Ruling Communist Party of China has hoped that Nepal Communist party will play bigger role in advancing nation-building in Nepal and the socialist movement in South Asia.

Presenting a paper during a seminar organised to mark Karl Marx’s birth anniversary in Kathmandu, Deputy Director General of CPC Ma Xue Song said the establishment of Nepal Communist Party was of great significance for politics in Nepal and the socialist movement in the South Asia region.

Some participants posed questions to him seeking his views on political issues   but he left the seminar after presenting his paper.

Referring to the Chinese President and CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping, Ma said the great social transformation in modern China was not simply a continuation of Chinese history and culture or an imitation of the template envisaged by classic Marxist theorists. “It is neither a re-edition of socialist practice in other countries, nor a copy of modernisation in other countries” he said.

He further said it was also the best way for Nepali Communists to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx. “We remain ready to work together with communists and left forces around the world in the effort to observe, interpret and lead the time by applying Marxism,” he said. Nepal Communist Party Spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha said his party had taken participants’ views very seriously. He said “We will never abandon our goal of scientific socialism.”

The pursuit of economic agenda is the mainstay of today’s diplomacy said Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali. “Our economic interests are of vital importance in our foreign policy engagements” he said.

“Our efforts for stability, progress and sustainable development are guided by goals of good governance and inclusive public participation. If we closely examine these goals and principles, we find that they are intrinsically associated with Marxist perspectives” Gyawali added.

“Nepal has enjoyed cordial and friendly relations with both our immediate neighbours — India and China,” said Gyawali, adding, “We aim at further building on these relations and working on the basis of mutual trust. We continue to enhance our relations with all our development partners and friendly countries across the world,” he added.

Nepal aims at promoting its national interest in the international arena while remaining committed to fulfilling our international obligations he said. Minister Gyawali said “We must ensure the voiceless people and states get a voice. Our focus must be on peaceful resolution of international disputes. We need to ensure that the international community, institutions and organisations play an apolitical role. Selective approaches targeting particular countries and regions must be stopped.”

He said Nepal’s efforts must be towards promoting a just and equitable international order whereby all countries enjoy equitable opportunities to pursue their goals of development and prosperity. The seminar issued a six- point Kathmandu declaration. “We extend our solidarity to all those who are fighting for people’s democracy, socialism, justice, quality, peace, environment protection and inclusivity, women liberation, end of racism, all forms of extremism, caste and gender discrimination, poverty, capitalist exploitation and monopoly capitalism in the world,” the declaration read.

The declaration recognises that the contemporary world is going through multiple contradictions, rapid scientific and technological innovations and changes as well as unequal distribution of wealth and resources and hegemony and imperialism are still persistent.

“Marxism is still relevant and guiding all communist, socialist and working masses towards scientific socialism for a just peaceful and prosperous world,” the declaration said.