Communists have always given trouble to people: Khand

Dolakha, November 23

Nepali Congress publicity committee coordinator and former minister Balkrishna Khand said that Nepal couldn’t afford to become a ground for experimenting with communism.

Speaking at an election meet organised by his party in district headquarters Dolakha today, Khand said, “After we wrote and promulgated the constitution through a democratic process, we can’t simply sit back and see the so-called left alliance turning the country into an experiment ground for communist rule.”

“Be it in the name of Maoism or communism, communists have always given trouble to people once they rise to power. This time, however, people will learn lesson from the past and punish the leftists through their ballots,” said the NC leader, blaming the alliance partner CPN-Maoist Centre of defaulting on the public trust of writing the charter after being elected to the constitution writing body back in 2007.

Further, the leader argued that victory of NC was an imperative for development and prosperity of the country. “NC, if it wins, will ensure constitution implementation and then prosperity but if the left alliance wins, it will only push the country back in terms of development and prosperity,” he argued. Khand had flown here in a chopper to address the election programme today.