Communists have put statute in peril, says ex-minister Lekhak

Dhangadi, July 31

Nepali Congress central member Ramesh Lekhak accused the communists of putting the new constitution in peril.

Addressing a corner meet after a protest rally organised by the Nepali Congress in Dhangadi, Lekhak said the NC had to stage the protest to caution the communist government against violating constitutional provisions.

Lekhak said KP Oli-led government had moved towards despotism, authoritarianism and social fascism. “Anyone elected to the Provincial Assembly and the House of the Representatives has to take oath after winning the polls. KP Oli did not take the oath after being elected. This is the first example of violation of the statute,” Lekhak said.

“The constitution clearly states that the speaker and the deputy speaker should be from different political parties. But, we have the speaker and deputy speaker from the same party. This is another example of violation of the constitution,” Lekhak added.

Lekhak charged that Oli’s government was unleashing terror in the judiciary. “Communists who talk of prosperity are now moving ahead with the agendas of health and education mafia, “he claimed.

Lekhak also cautioned journalists saying that the incumbent government might curtail press freedom at any time. “You do not know when you may have to close your programme or publication for airing views against the government,” Lekhak argued.

Lekhak complained that the incumbent government had failed to provide security to people. He accused the police of not arresting culprits involved in the rape and murder of Maya BK and Nirmala Pant of Kailali and Kanchanpur respectively.

Lekhak said the NC had the great responsibility of safeguarding the new constitution at any cost.