Community schools charging fee

Bajura, May 5         

Although the government had announced free education up to secondary level, almost all the community schools in Bajura district have been charging students admission fee.

There are 248 government and community schools in the district and most them have been charging up to Rs 500 admission fee from grade I to X.

Head teacher Bishnudhoj Sha of Sigada High School said the school had taken admission fee from students to provide salary for teachers brought from private sources.

Guardians at Kolti, Pandusain, Jagannath, Aatichaur and Jukot VDCs said community schools have been charging admission fee.

District Education Office, Bajura said schools operating with private sources could take a minimum amount in the name of admission fee from students.

The DEO accepted that the office could not appoint teachers as per the number of students.

Janga BK of All Nepal National Free Students Union said that the government has announced that it will provide textbooks, education materials, admission fee, and examination fee, among others, for free up to grade X,” but the schools are charging money.