Commuters rue on bus park's utility

ITAHARI: Bus parks are meant for the passengers to wait, board and alight the vehicles they are traveling in. But, local transport entrepreneurs have been massively flouting the traffic rule here at Itahari as

they are reluctant to take their vehicles to the newly constructed bus park to load and unload the passengers.

The reason, however, is not the congestion or lack of infrastructure. They claim the bus park, constructed in Itahari Municipality-8, lies at a rather secluded area.

Although it was constructed well in one bighas and four katthas of land in 2001, lackadaisical attitude of concerned authorities to implement the traffic rules has made the bus park an out-of-the-way place.

“It’s pointless for us to drive the vehicles into the bus park every day which takes almost five to 10 minutes - while entering and exiting - due to its odd location,” said an entrepreneur, adding, “As it doesn’t lie on the way, we prefer dropping off and picking the passengers from the highway nearby the bus park.”

He, however, admitted that such trend was increasing the chances of accidents on the highway.

Bhakta Lama, chairman of Koshi Nepal Transport Independent Workers’ Union, said, ‘’Buses of short route simply do not want to enter the bus park as it lies at a fairly inconvenient location. It should have been built keeping in view of both the entrepreneurs and passengers alike.”

Ganesh Dahal, an officer at Itahari Municipality, admitted that they could not come up with stringent measures for the utilisation of the bus park due to the uncooperative attitude from other stakeholders.

Arjun Dahal, an engineer at the municipality, claimed that stakeholders had earlier given consent for the construction of the bus park at the site. “Question about its location now is not fair whatsoever.’’

He underlined the need that the municipality, traffic police, along with others concerned,acting responsibly to make use of the area and help reduce traffic congestion in the city and highway area.