Compensate Dekendra’s family, say journos

Dang, August 2:

Journalists today demanded that the government compensate the family of slain journalist Dekendra Raj Thapa.

The journalists were speaking at a meeting organised in memory of the slain journalist.

A central council member of Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Madhusudan Baidhya, said the government should provide appropriate compensation to the families of all journalists, who were killed during long insurgency.

Another FNJ council member Sudarshan Rijal stressed the need to free the Federation of Nepalese Journalists from political influence and safeguard professional rights of journalists. He also urged government to compensate the family of journalist Thapa.

Chairman of the Nepal Press Union, Dang, Sudip Gautam urged the government to give equal treatment to the families of slain journalists Dekendra Raj Thapa, Birendra Shah and Krishna Sen.

Journalist Uday GM said the government shall act as the guardian of Thapa’s family.