Compost through Japanese technology

Kavre, December 19

Youths from Panauti Municipality in Kavre have planned to set up an organic fertiliser industry that will employ Japanese technology to prepare compost.

In Nepal, this is the first initiative that will use Japanese technology to prepare compost.

The youths invited Japanese fertiliser expert, Rekey Hasimoto, who is with the Japanese Agriculture Ministry, to inspect the composting.

Pradip Bogati, a local, said they aimed to establish an industry that produced organic fertiliser where no chemicals would be used. “We are trying to enhance soil productivity for organic farming with organic fertiliser,” he added. Bogati said the pilot project using Japanese technology would be carried out in Panauti and land for the purpose had been managed.

Hasimoto said that annually about 2,000 tonnes of garbage was used to prepare compost in Japan. “For the past 16 years, we have been running a school of compost fertiliser,” he said.

Hasimoto gives training on compost production from garbage and has taken initiatives to establish industries in Bolivia, America, and the Philippines.