Congress heads work at cross purposes

Jajarkot, October 19:

Two leaders have been functioning the role of district committee chairman of the Nepali Congress in Jajarkot district, sending party cadres in a difficult situation.

The party cadres haven’t been able to decide who is the official chairman of the party’s district body.

Yagya Bahadur Khatri and Dipak Jung Shah both have been claiming that that they are the authorised leaders of the party’s body.

Khatri claimed that he is the official district president as Shah was temporarily appointed as acting president of the district body until the Constituent Assembly polls.

“Since the CA polls are already over, Shah’s term is already over,” Khatri claimed.

However, Shah maintained that Khatri was dismissed during the CA polls. “Past president Jhalak Nath Wagle and Khatri himself nominated me to the

post to function as the chairman until the district convention of the party was held,” he claimed.

Since both the leaders have been operating separate offices of the party’s district committee, party cadres and government offices in the district are puzzled over their legitim

acy. Shah has opened party office at his residence in Khalanga-2 while Khatri has opened office at Khalanga-1.

Khatri said that Shah and few other party cadres were expelled from the party for not working as per the party line during the CA polls.