Consensus government soon, says Minister Rai

Jhapa, March 5

Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai today said the current government would soon take the form of a national consensus government.

Speaking at a press meet in Damak of Jhapa today, the minister ruled out the possibility of government change anytime soon. “There will of course be some changes as it needs to be given a shape of a national consensus government. But there is no possibility of the current government falling anytime soon,” he said.

“In fact, efforts are being made to bring the Nepali Congress and other Madhes-based parties on board the government. I am confident that the Nepali Congress would join the government soon after its National General Convention concludes,” said the minister, also highlighting the need for all the political forces to come together for the implementation of the new constitution. He also urged all political parties to support the government in its reconstruction efforts.

On a different note, the minister also said that his ministry was preparing to introduce changes in the current communication policy.