Consensus must for a timely statute, says Nembang

RUPANDEHI: Constituent Assembly chairman Subas Nembang today said the new statute would be drafted on schedule.

Inaugurating the Lions Eye Hospital in Butwal, Nembang stressed the need of forging an understanding among political parties to write the constitution. “We are committed to ready the statute by May 28,” he said. “There is no disruption in the CA working though the parliament is facing hurdles.”

Special working plan had been implemented with a view to not affecting the schedule for preparing a draft of the constitution, he said. The meetings of the CA committees are being called from 8 am to 1 pm, CA session from 1 pm to 7 pm and meetings of the parliament after 7 pm.

Urging parties not to disrupt the parliament, Nembang said, “All the economic activities of the nation would be halted if economic bill was not passed on time.”

“I have drawn the attention of the government to resume the parliament. Discussions among parties are underway in this regard,” he said, warning that the nation would be a failure if the parliament continued to be disrupted.

He regretted that there existed a gap among political parties despite his attempts to forge an understanding.

“As there is a need of two-third majority in the CA to pass the new constitution, the parties should be united,” he said.

Nembang said the new constitution would be an inclusive document of consensus and agreement among the diverse aspects of the Nepali society.

He said the post of the constitutional committee chairman be filled at the earliest.