Conservation plans for endangered wetland

BANEPA: A conservation effort targeting the endangered wetland areas in Kavrepalanchok is being undertaken in joint coordination between the Community Forest Consumer Group and District Forest Office.

The creation of artificial ponds within the wetland areas of Hile-Jaljale Community Forest will supply water to the biodiversity in the jungle as well as the villages in the region, said Prem Khanal, a forest official at the Kavrepalanchok District Forest Office.

It has been planned to build as many as ten ponds in the forest area covering four hectares of land, said Hile-Jaljale Community Forest Consumer Group Chairman Ved Prasad Ghimire.

The Forest Office is pressing for conserving the wetland as part of 'Forest Decade Programme' of the fiscal year 2015-16.

Currently, there are a total of 150 wetlands in Bhimkhori, Shirambhote, Ugrachandinala and Tukuchanala among other VDCs in Kavrepalanchok district.