Constituent Assembly way out, says Nepal

Himalayan News Service

Janakpurdham, June 20:

A Constituent Assembly is essential for restoration of democracy and tinkering with the constitution will not be enough to restore sustainable democracy and to re-establish the sovereignty of the people, general secretary of the UML, Madhav Kumar Nepal, said.

Speaking at an interaction organised by Press Chautari, Dhanusha, Nepal said: “For 56 years, people have been struggling for democracy.” He said the problem became complicated

with the February 1 royal takeover. He claimed that the parties could solve the Maoist problem, too. Claiming that the four- and-a-half-month direct administration of the King has failed, he said that due to national and international support democracy will certainly be restored. He requested the Maoists to shun violence and assist their movement for restoration of democracy.