Construction companies ignoring contracts to build health posts

Rajbiraj, May 15

Construction work at nine health posts in Saptari and Siraha districts have stopped completely due to negligence on the part of the contractors.

Urban Development and Department of Building Construction Division office, Rajbiraj had signed a tender with Ram-Janaki Construction Service, on December 29, 2009 to build a sub-health post in Phattepur by 2011.

Division Office Chief Milan Acharya said that although the time period was extended to July 9, 2014, no progress has been made so far.

Acharya said that the office had urged the contractors time and again to complete the work, but to no avail. He added that they had already fined the construction company 10 per cent of the total estimated budget.

The same construction company had also signed a contract to build a sub-health post in Pipra by November 14, 2013, but it has failed to deliver here too.

Other cases include Public Health Store Building in Saptari, contracted to Gahil Sons Company Pvt Ltd, supposed to have been completed by November 6, 2013; the parturition building in a health post at Goalbazaar, Saptari, contracted to Amit Construction Service, supposed to have been completed by April 2, 2010; Sanhaitha Health Post Building; and doctors’ quarters in Siraha district, to name a few.

Acharya said the division office will now take action against the construction companies as the companies have completely neglected the office’s several requests to continue work.