Construction of foot trail to Dewangadhi tourist destination complete

Ilam: Construction of the foot trail leading to the tourist destination, Dewangadhi at south-eastern Irautar-8 in Ilam has been completed.

Dewangadhi is also known as the area used once by ancient 'Bhume Raja' as security fort and the birthplace of language and culture expert Mahananda Sapkota, apart from its being tourist destination.

The construction of four-kilometer track that passes through Bahuban-Dewangadhi and Dewanchhap-Danda costed completed for the cost of about Rs 1.5 million provided by local Mahananda Foundation, said Sanjib Poudel, a staffer at the Mechi-Pahadi Tourism Promotion Development Committee.

The transportation has been feasible for domestic and foreign tourists after the completion of the trail. Madhav Khatiwada, chairman of the committee said, visitors can view the sun-rise and sun-set, apart from sighting panoramas in the area.