Construction of road project in limbo due to delay in budget release


Construction of the Shanishchare-Khudunabari road project in Jhapa is in limbo due to delay in releasing fund for the same.

Contract signing for black-topping the 7.5km long road that links Jhapa to Ilam was done in July, 2018. The project was stipulated to be completed by the end of the last fiscal.

However, even after six months of the stipulated deadline, construction of the road has not begun due to delay in the release of the required budget.

Kanchanjungha-Sherpa- Kanchanjungha JV had been entrusted with construction of the road project for 90 million rupees.

“We were totally geared up to finish the project on time but to no avail. After finishing the first phase of work, we had applied to the authority concerned for payment, but we were not provided any payment.

As we were not paid a single paisa there was no way we could continue the work,” said contractor Phurtemba Sherpa.

The locals are at the receiving end of the stranded project. Fed up with dust from the unfinished road and its health hazards, locals have lately put up a barricade on the road to prevent movements of any vehicle. They have vented their ire at the local representatives and local government for the delay.

When asked about the delay, the contractor clarified he couldn’t continue the work as he was yet to get payment for the work so far finished.

“I am yet to receive around 10 million rupees from the ministry concerned for the work so far finished.

As I haven’t received the payment and I don’t have more money, I cannot take the project work ahead,” Sherpa said.