Construction of school buildings in limbo

  • Students attend classes in the open due to lack of classrooms

Bajura, June 29

Students of as many as 42 schools of Bajura have been compelled to attend classes in the open due to unnecessary delay in construction of school buildings.

The government has already released budget for the construction of school buildings through District Coordination Education Unit. But building construction work has not gained momentum. According to school Inspector Biraj Soti, the schools, that started construction work in 2011, have also not been completed.

Construction of Trishakti Secondary School’s building in Budhiganga Municipality was supposed to complete in 2012. However, the building is unlikely to be completed anytime soon. “We exerted pressure on the concerned authorities several times, but in vain,” regretted Krishna Thapa, a local.

Likewise, students of Kada Bhawani Secondary School in Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipality have been facing a hard time due to lack of classrooms. “Construction of our new building was supposed to be completed in 2014, but it has been left in limbo,” regretted Bikash Rokaya, an eleventh Grader.

Construction of dozens of schools in the district, including Rameshwori Secondary, Satya Secondary and Ratna Secondary School, among others, have been left in limbo. The contractors did not heed even after frequent reminders from District Coordination Education Unit.

Chief District Officer Chet Raj Baral said they were collecting data from the district.  Teaching-learning activities in the district have been adversely affected due to lack of proper infrastructure.