Consumers advised to avoid red meat

Chitwan, October 15

As the consumption of meat increases during the festivals, it is advisable that consumers avoid eating red meat as it is detrimental to health, say experts.

Health workers suggested that consumers opt for white meat as it is healthier in comparison to red meat.

Oncologist in BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Dr Ganga Sapkota said red meat was more dangerous as it could cause cancer of the abdomen.

“Red meat contains more fat and is carcinogenic whether fried or roasted,” he said, adding, “Fried, scalded and dried meat are also likely to cause cancer.” He said the possibility of cancer was 15 times more if meat, tobacco, and liquor were consumed together. “The intake of alcohol, smoke and meat at a time is a deadly combo.”

Cancer Control and Investigation Department Chief in the hospital Dr Bhola Siwakoti said around 70 per cent of cancer cases was caused by unhealthy eating habits. “The chance of cancer is only 10 per cent if the food is good and healthy,” he said.

Dr Siwakoti said that the amount of fat in meat would result in increase in weight that might cause stomach, skin and intestine cancer.

He also advised people not to consume more salt and avoid the consumption of vegetables, fruits and food grains produced with the use of pesticide or insecticide.

Doctors said stomach, skin and intestine cancer might be caused if the meat was scalded over gas and firewood. They said hydrocarbons were produced when meat was scalded.