Contractors not completing work in time to be punished: Minister Nembang

PHIDIM: Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation of Federal Government Basanta Kumar Nembang has warned construction entrepreneurs of taking action if they did not work as per the amended Public Purchase Regulation.

'The government has revised the Regulation providing an opportunity for contractors to mend their way. Action would be taken against the contractors not completing the works within the deadline," he said while addressing a news conference organised in Phidim today.

The Minister for Physical Infrastructure also insisted that the government has accorded high priority to complete the construction works of 'sick' projects in a speedy manner. Stating that the construction companies and government bodies responsible for building large infrastructure projects would be made equally responsible and accountable, he said, and added "The Ministry has paid special attention to resolving problems like delay in releasing the budget and obstructions in construction at the local level."

Minister Nembang arrived here in connection with carrying out on-site monitoring of development projects in the eastern hilly region including the Pushpalal (Mid-hill) Highway.