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Contractors to be pushed for timely completion of Diktel-Halesi road

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Khotang, July 12

Stakeholders in Khotang have decided to put pressure on contractors of the Diktel-Halesi road section to speed up their work.

A meeting at district headquarters Diktel yesterday took a decision to this effect, citing the inordinate delay in completion of black-topping and upgradation of the road section.

“As there were complaints about tardy and poor quality work, stakeholders, including the consultant company, local political representatives and the administration met and decided to remind the contractor to complete the project as soon as possible,” said Ruakot Majhuwagadi Municipality Mayor Dip Narayan Rijal.

The project funded by Asian Development Bank envisioned black-topping the 35.43 km Diktel-Halesi road section in three years. The three-year contract period expired in March this year, but only 50 per cent of the work was completed.

The work was carried out by dividing the road stretch into three different sections for timely completion of the work. However, project completion is nowhere in sight, due to negligence on the part of contractors.

Lumbini-Kankai-Surya Construction, Lama Nagarjun Construction and Lama-Nagarjun-Trishuli were entrusted with black-topping the 12, 12 and 11.4 km road sections respectively.

“While Lumbini-Kankai-Surya has finished 56.64 per cent of its work on the Halesi-Bijule road section that it is responsible for, Lama-Nagarjun and Lama-Nagarjun-Trishuli have finished 50.1 and 49.77 per cent of their works respectively,” said Indra Narayan Mandal of the consultant company MSV International and Social Test JV.

The project cost is estimated at 750 million rupees.


A version of this article appears in print on July 13, 2017 of The Himalayan Times.

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