Biratnagar, May 1:

Nepali Congress central leader Dr Shekhar Koirala today stressed the need for convincing India, China, the US and the European Union on making the king inactive. Constituent assembly elections will not be held if this does not happen, he said.

Political parties have minor differences on the issue of monarchy, he said, adding that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala is working to hold constituent assembly (CA) elections by making a clear stand on monarchy, Dr Koirala said while speaking at an interaction organised by the Democratic Thought Society, Biratnagar.

He also accused the Maoists of creating obstructions in taking a decision on monarchy by a two-third majority in the parliament and called all political parties to work together to hold the CA polls. The king will not get |a chance to be active if decision on monarchy is taken by a two-third majority in the parliament.”

He said: “It’s but natural to have minor differences over some issues while leading the nation, however, they will not lead to a split in the alliance, and if this happens, the nation will also split.”