Coordination Committee to further define 'essential services' today

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the High Level Coordination Committee for prevention and control of COVID-19 has been called for this evening, at 5:00 pm, to discuss further action following Prime Minister declaring a partial lockdown on Friday.

The Prime Minister on Friday had made an address to the nation while listing steps to fortify actions against prevention of the pandemic. The address also mentioned halting of services offered by both private and public sectors, other than essential services listed on the Nepal gazette, across the country from March 23 to April 3.

As there is much confusion among the people regarding which services fall under the essential services and which do not, since Prime Minister's address, the meeting is likely to broadly define and specifically  list these services.

19 essential services, as per Nepal Gazette:

Postal, telegram or telephone services, transportation services (road, water and air), airport runway, aeroplane repair and maintenance services, water supply and distribution, tourism sector (motels, hotels, restaurants, resorts), supply of petroleum products, including liquefied petroleum gas, health services in hospitals and health centres, ambulances, production and sale/distribution of medicines, waste management (collection, transportation, disposal and recycling), banking, insurance, electricity supply, insurance and transportation and storage and distribution of consumer goods, including rice, lentils, edible oil and salt.

The meeting will also discuss additional measures that should be incorporated to intensify the precautionary drive.