Copies of draft of new constitution torn


Five forces — Federal Socialist Forum led by Upendra Yadav, Sadbhawana Party led by Rajendra Mahato, Tarai Madhes Democratic Party led by Mahantha Thakur, Mahendra Raya Yadav-led Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party and Biswendra Paswan-led Bahujan Shakti Party Nepal — tore the draft of constitution as soon as CDC chair Krishna Sitaula presented the preliminary draft at the full house, saying the document excluded names and boundaries of federal states.

Yadav said, “We will initiate movement as the bigger parties moved ahead to deliver new constitution without names and boundaries of federal units.”

Sadbhawana Party leader Laxman Lal Karna said his party might quit CA to go to the people against the bigger parties’ attempt.