Pokhara, November 29

Data with the western Regional Office of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has shown that irregularities are rife in the education sector and local bodies, where a huge amount of budget is allocated every year.

According to data, as many as 319 complaints related to the education sector have been filed with the office over the past two years since its establishment in Pokhara.

Similarly, there are 208 complaints related to the Federal Affairs and Local Development Ministry. The complaints have yet to be investigated.

On his part, CIAA Regional Acting Chief Bishnu Prasad Regmi attributed the increasing irregularities to lack of elected local representatives and politicisation of development as well as other works.

“We receive all sorts of complaints, including incidents of forged bills and receipts, double payment, irregularities in social security allowances and opaque accounts,” said Regmi, adding that in many cases, political parties have been intervening in development projects.

According to Regmi, irregularities are rife in the education sector. “On the one hand, lack of discipline in the education sector, poor management, politicisation and unionism have impacted the field; while on the other, there are financial and other irregularities in almost every step from construction of infrastructure to scholarship schemes, exam system, teaching licences and the likes,” he said. He added, “There are also a number of complaints regarding appointment of teaching staff at schools.”

Meanwhile, the CIAA regional office has been suffering due to the lack of adequate manpower. While the office has been without a chief for about two months now, it also does not have a single investigation officer.

The office has 40 posts, but most of them are lying vacant. “As our investigation officers were transferred elsewhere and no one has replaced them so far, the office does not have a single investigation officer at present,” said Karki, ruing its effect on investigation of complaints.