Corruption will not be tolerated, says CM Raut

Janakpurdham, February 25

Province 2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut today said he would set up ‘Hello Sarkar’ in the province.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers today, CM Raut made an 11-point commitment public, besides the hello province government to ensure good governance in the province. He assured people of the province could directly report their grievances at the Office of the CM and they would be addressed accordingly.

The provincial government has decided to adopt zero tolerance towards corruption to ensure good governance. “No procrastination will be tolerated in the everyday business of state organs. Each service seeker must be provided with services within 24 hours. In case service delivery is not possible within 24 hours, the officials must present justifiable reasons,” clarified CM Raut.

Toll-free number will be provided for the public to report their complaints. Programmes like CM with people will also be launched.

He also expressed his commitment to reach people’s doorsteps to learn about their grievances against the provincial government.