Counting of water birds begins

RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN: Counting of water birds began in various wetlands across the country from today. The counting aims to make a new strategy for the protection of the bird by finding out its status.

A report would be prepared after this process and presented to bodies at the decision making level, according to Nepal Bird Conservation Chief, Ornithologist Dr Hem Sagar Baral.

The bird counting will run until January 21. Human resources, of around 300 people, including volunteers and ornithologists have been deployed to undertake the task.

The first day of birds' calculation covers Shuklaphanta and Koshi Tappu areas while the process will start in other areas at convenient times. In Chitwan, it will take place within the next few days, according to ornithologist and Bird Education Society Chitwan former chair Basu Bidari.

The previous calculation's finding is that Chitwan is home to 54 species of water birds. However, the number of ward birds is declining nationwide, drawing serious concerns from ornithologists and bird conservationists.

Five lakes incorporated in the Ramsar list will be included in the counting of water birds this time. They are Bishajari Lake (Chitwan), Jagadishpur Lake (Kapilvastu), and Fewa Lake (Pokhara), among others.

Last time, a total of 10,032 water birds were counted in Chitwan-based wetland areas, 1,128 less than the previous time.