Court staff witness detainees’ release

Surendra Kafle

Nepalgunj, January 19:

The court here has begun releasing detainees in the presence of its officials after the police were found to have rearrested them immediately. In some cases, the detainees were rearrested as per the Supreme Court order. The move began after the Supreme Court issued an order to the court officials to witness the release of detainees.

Manoj Kumar Kurmi of Bethani-1, who was released time and again as per the order of the Appellate Court in Nepalgunj but rearrested by the police as per the Supreme Court order, was released at the district court in the presence of Banke district judge Satya Raj Gurung and advocate Sushil Kumar Lakhe yesterday. The Appellate Court had given a verdict on January 1 to free Kurmi. Kurmi was detained by the RNA from his house on August 22. According to legal practitioners, Kurmi, who was detained at the RNA central west-region divisional headquarters from December 21 to 31, was then transferred to the Nepalgunj prison. Meanwhile, president of the advocates’ and advocacy forum, Sushil Kumar Lakhe, said that such a practice would help minimise police interference against court action. As per the Supreme Court order, Mohiuddin Khan of Raniyapur, Banke, was freed on Sunday in the presence of district judge of Banke.