CP Mainali’s sermon to Maoists on pitfalls of federal structure

Birgunj, November 23:

General secretary of the CPN-ML CP Mainali today said the nation might head towards disintegration if a correct model of federal structure was not chosen.

Speaking at a press meet organised here today, Mainali said it was important to cope with the situation where people from all classes, communities and ethnicities were demanding rights. “The constitution-drafting process has to be dealt with urgency,” Mainali said, adding that the current transitional constitution will remain effective until a new one is promulgated.

He added that the Maoists had a big responsibility of implementing the agreements reached with the parties in the past. “The big challenge at the moment is the integration of the Maoist combatants,” Mainali said. Mainali urged all concerned to immediately create national awareness on the issue of constitution writing. He also emphasised the need to form federal states that the country can financially support.

“Nepal Army is a non-political institution. Politically indoctrinated soldiers should not be assimilated into it,” Mainali said. Referring to the Maoists, he said the army of any particular party could not be termed as a national army. “CPN-ML is for people-oriented republic,” Mainali said. He also stressed on the formation of autonomous units that would ensure rights of all the people.