Rajbiraj, September 13 CPN-MC Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal today claimed that only his party was capable of resolving the Madhes crisis. “As it was the Maoist party that first raised the Madhes agenda, a solution to the crisis is possible only from us, not from any regional or communal party” said the Dahal at a press conference here today. Further, identifying his party as the true friend of Madhes, Dahal called the electorate of Province 2 to vote for his party candidates. “As we are the only force who has always stood for change and progress, I urge the voters to trust us in the election,” said the Maoist chief, expressing commitment to amend the statute by securing two-third majority. “Actually, the Maoist party had taken an amendment bill to the parliament, but the bill could not be passed due to the non-cooperation of the main opposition UML,” he argued, urging voters to vote for his party in the upcoming central and provincial elections as well. Dahal conveyed his party’s commitment to find a permanent solution to the flooding problem in the Tarai. “In fact, there have been frequent meetings with the Indian government to resolve the scourge of floods in the Tarai region, the talks are positive in that direction,” Dahal said.