Nepal | October 22, 2019

CPN-Revolutionary Maoist to take part in elections: Baidya

Mohan Baidya, Communist Party of Nepal-Revolutionary Maoist

FILE: Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Revolutionary Maoist, Mohan Baidya, speaking at a programme in Kathmandu on Monday, June 21, 2016. Photo: RSS

POKHARA: The CPN-Revolutionary Maoist Party Chairman Mohan Baidya has said the party would take part in the upcoming provincial and parliamentary elections.

Addressing a media in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City on Friday, Chairman Baidya said the party learned a lesson after making mistakes by boycotting earlier elections.

He further said this time around CPN-Revolutionary Maoist would take in the upcoming elections to amend their earlier mistakes.

“There is no relevance in uniting with the CPN-Maoist Centre, however, there is no options to unite with the revolutionary parties in the country,” Baidya added.

He also clarified that party won’t unite with the CPN-Maoist Centre as it has deviated from its agendas and are close to ruling Nepali Congress Party.

Chairman Baida also shared that he had requested former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal about the party unification, however, the CPN-Maoist have deviated from its agendas and the chances of unification is slim.

He also said the party’s National Conventional would be held in Pokhara next month.

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