Cracked houses strike terror in hearts of Bhojpur locals

BHOJPUR: Bhojpur residents have been terrified of the deep cracks that developed in their houses after the earthquake of April 25 and the subsequent aftershocks.

Almost all the houses in Bhojpur Bazaar have received deep cracks.

According to Ashok Shrestha, a local, about 90 per cent houses are under risk of collapse. “Some of them have been bent, while others are about to fall,” he said.

Damber Kumar Shrestha, Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Bhojpur chapter, said it was very difficult to run shops in such houses.

“Immediate repair and demolition of cracked houses is not possible to narrow roads and joined houses in the bazaar areas,” he said. He added that cracked houses might lead to casualty among pedestrians.

Some house owners have been sheltering under tents in nearby open places while others are living in temporary huts.

Jogendra Thakur, a barber, said he was searching for a room after

the house he had rented developed deep cracks.

Kaji Koirala, a local, said many houses in the town had become feeble. “Almost all the houses have received deep cracks,” he said.

According to Bhojpur Municipality,  583 houses were completely damaged and 1,080 were partially damaged.

Municipal officer Tulraj Thapa Magar said his office would request house owners to pull down risky houses. “We have also requested

the city dwellers to abide by the building code while constructing houses,” he added.