Curfew lifted for funeral procession of protesters killed in Birgunj

BIRGUNJ:  The curfew imposed in Birgunj for the past six days has been lifted for five hours on Saturday to take funeral procession of five protesters who were killed in police firing during demonstrations.

The curfew has been lifted from 9 am to 2 pm.

Dilip Chaurasiya (25) of Jagarnathpur and Dharma Raj Singh (25) of Maniyari, Jaya Prakash Sah Teli and Sohan Sah of Ghusukpur were killed in police firing during demonstrations in various parts of Birgunj on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Dinanath Sah of Prasauni-8 of Bara was also killed in police firing on Tuesday.

The procession started from the premises of the Narayani Sub-Regional Hospital where the bodies were kept.

More than 20,000 people took part in the procession that passed through various parts of Birgunj.

The family members of the deceased had earlier refused to collect the bodies putting forth various demands.

Later, they had decided to receive the bodies for cremation after a meeting of the District Security Committee held on Friday decided to recommend the deceased to the Ministry of Home Affairs for declaration as martyrs.


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