Custom office shut for 12 yrs

GORKHA: The custom check point at Sridibas VDC of Gorkha district has remained closed for the last twelve years citing security reasons.

The closure of the office has led to the smuggling of valuable herbs like Yarshagamba, Panchaunle, Neeramasi and Jatamashi to neighbouring China. Likewise, it has helped make room for illegal export of wildlife products such as tiger’s hides and archaeologically valuable Buddha statues to foreign lands. The employees of the office, however, have been drawing salaries in Kathmandu. According to the CDO, they show up once or twice a month in the district administration office. He further informed that Mukhiya Narayan Kaji Thapa and peon Buddha Bahadur Magar had last visited the office in Falgun and remained out of contact since then. He also said he had no knowledge of their whereabouts and expressed surprise over their salaries being drawn by them.