Dadeldhura women become self-dependent

Dadeldhura, December 31

Local women of far flung areas in Dadeldhura district are becoming more self-dependent every passing day.

The women started tasting success and growth after they took up professional farming and received various technical trainings.

Kalpana Kathayat, 28, a local of Parsuram Municipality started livestock treatment service after taking part in different trainings in the related field. She charges up to Rs 100 for treating one he-goat. “My husband had gone to India for job and I was dependent on his income,” she said, adding that she has now become more independent and does not have to depend on her husband’s money any more. Chandra Bom of the municipality said that she has been making over one lakh rupees a year after taking up vegetable farming.

A group of 22 women of Aarital VDC have started dairy farming and the local women earn up to Rs 15,000 per month now after they had established a milk collection centre.