Dahal commits to solve landless squatters' problem

CHITWAN: CPN Maoist Centre Chair and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the landless squatters' settlement of Badarjhula in the district will not be shifted unless employment was guaranteed to them.

Speaking in an election programme organised at Badarjhula on today, Dahal said that he had instructed Chitwan National Park not to shift the settlement without addressing their problems as CNP had made preparations to shift the settlement in the past.

He further added that land plots, employments and other required facilities should be guaranteed to them before shifting them.

Former Prime Minister Dahal who is contesting polls from Chitwan-3 to the House of Representatives, committed to resolving various problems facing by landless squatters after a new government formed under the left alliance.

Over 500 households inhabit in the settlement.